Comprehensive Eye Exams

What Tests are Conducted During a Comprehensive Eye Exam?

A comprehensive eye exam is recommended for everyone in Mississippi. Comprehensive eye exams can uncover many eye health issues, including vision problems. During the course of about an hour, we at A Look Ahead Optix will perform a series of tests that may include one or more of the following:

Visual Acuity
The visual acuity test measures the distance at which your eyes can focus on far away objects. Visual Acuity is perhaps the test that people are most familiar with and it involves reading a chart with both eyes, then with one eye shut.

Color Blindness
A screening test that allows our doctor in Grenada or Bruce to determine if you can see the full human spectrum of colors. One important reason for this test is to ensure you are able to note the difference between traffic signal and sign colors for safe driving.

Cover Test
The non-invasive cover test is done by our eye doctor in Grenada or Bruce to determine whether your eyes are working together correctly, or if you have a condition such as strabismus, lazy eye or binocular vision.

Movement Test
We may perform an eye movement test to see how well your eyes can follow moving objects. In this test, the doctor will watch your eyes as you follow the trajectory of his finger moving slowly back and forth in front of your face.

Depth Perception
Depth perception is an important feature that allows you to safely navigate through the world without bumping into things, such as when you are driving. In this test, our eye doctor at A Look Ahead Optix will have you wear 3D glasses as you peruse a unique book. You’ll be asked to identify shapes and features in the book.

In the glaucoma test, the doctor uses a machine to test the pressure in your eyes. It involves blowing a painless puff of concentrated air at each eye. Glaucoma is a severe degenerative eye disease with few warning signs. Early detection can save your eyesight.

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Why Do I Need to Book an Eye Exam?

A concern most people seem to have is whether they’ll still need an eye exam if they’ve passed a vision screening at work or school. An eye exam is essential nonetheless.

If you have an exam, it can help discover other eye-related conditions that cause blurred vision such as glaucoma and diabetes early enough. Your doctor can also establish other underlying medical conditions whose symptoms show in the eye.  

You should book an eye exam if you want to maintain a good vision and healthy eyes. That’s for those struggling with poor near or distance vision.

Age is another good reason to book that eye exam appointment. While anybody can have eye problems, if you’re over 60 years, you need regular eye exams.

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