Computer Vision

Computer Vision Syndrome is a Modern Day Condition

At our eye care clinics in Mississippi, our optometrists have helped our patients shed some light on a modern day health condition affecting their eyesight called computer vision syndrome (also called digital eye strain). It likely has had some effect on most of us at some point in time.

Computer Vision Syndrome Explained

Computer vision syndrome is akin to overuse of a muscle—too much use with poor strategies and ergonomics can lead to uncomfortable symptoms which can severely disrupt the workday. You may be suffering from a case of computer vision syndrome if, following a long bout of computer or smartphone use, your eyes feel tired, sore, and achy; your eyes feel dry, itchy, and burning; your eyes are red; your vision is blurry; and your head and neck aches.

There are several factors as to why computer vision syndrome can develop:

  • Computers and other digital devices emit high energy blue light, which can profoundly penetrate the eyes and cause damage to the retinas.
  • We blink less when we use digital devices, so our eyes have a harder time staying adequately moisturized by our protective tear film.
  • Frequent focusing, scanning, and contrasting is taxing on our eyes and eye muscles, especially after age 40
  • Bright lights, glare, and overhead lighting can be harsh on the eyes.
  • While the effects of computer vision are temporary, researchers do believe that excessive exposure to blue light emission can increase your risk for macular degeneration and other retinal diseases, meaning that ignoring your computer vision syndromes could potentially lead to long-term vision issues down the road.

How We Can Help You Prevent Computer Vision Syndrome in Mississippi

Ask our optometrist at A Look Ahead Optix for help managing your computer vision syndrome! Here’s what we can do for you:

Take you through a complete eye exam to diagnose computer vision syndrome and rule out any undetected refractive errors (which can make computer vision worse), or diagnose and treat them if they’re there
Educate you on how to improve your workspace ergonomics and tech habits to reduce the risk of computer vision (e.g., taking breaks, keeping the monitor at eye level and an arm’s distance away)
Recommend blue light blocking glasses, monitor screens, or downloadable apps to reduce your exposure.

Need Help Managing Your Eye Health?

Are you wondering if your eyesight is being affected by computer vision? Contact our optometry clinic today to set an appointment with our Grenada or Bruce optometrist by calling us at 662-983-2323 or visiting our contact page.

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