Pediatric Vision Care

Your child’s eyes are vital to their future. Healthy eyes are a foundation for growing up healthy and active. Good eyesight is a foundation for schoolwork and many other activities, from sports to art, music, and dance. At A Look Ahead Optix, we offer eye care services designed especially for kids. We offer comprehensive eye care services for children, including early detection of potential eye problems and treatment.

Eye Exams are Crucial to Your Child’s Future

A pediatric eye exam can help detect any problems early, and it can also put your mind at rest when your child has healthy vision. If your child has suffered an eye injury, or perhaps has struggled during a vision screening, we can offer an exam to discover any potential problems.

Many Childhood Eye Problems Can Be Treated Without Surgery

Some of the problems children may encounter can include myopia, astigmatism, tear duct obstructions, hyperopia, and amblyopia (“lazy eye”). The majority of vision problems a child could experience are treatable with in-office techniques and with no need for surgery.

We Offer Convenient Hours and Services in Grenada and Bruce

We can make same-day appointments for critical eye issues such as injuries, and we offer a convenient location and hours that can fit your family’s needs. Please visit our contact page for directions to our office.

Insurance Can Cover Pediatric Eye Care

Child eye exams and treatment are medical issues and are frequently able to be covered by medical insurance. Please contact our office today to find out your children’s exams or treatments will be covered.

What to Expect During Your Child’s Eye Exam

We have worked hard to provide a friendly, warm and caring environment for our young patients and their families. Our exams are non-threatening and feature colors and images that are familiar to children.

Eye exams will last approximately 90 minutes and include eye drops which dilate the eyes, making them sensitive to light. The dilation may last as little as 4 hours up to a day, depending on the type of drops which are used.

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